Let's call them Ron and Steve, two highly successful individuals measured by our societal standards of net worth and attainment of goals. They are both billionaires. Aside from their net worth, one powerful commonality is their focus on their goals. Each carries a physical journal with them throughout the day. Every morning they wake to review their long-term, intermediate and daily goals; and they remind themselves why these goals matter. They repeat this routine before bed. This dirt simple routine does a few things:It keeps their bigger goals front and center. It's a daily reminder to keep on task, eliminate distractions and stay the course. The Greeks knew ......

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What Billionaires Taught Me About Getting Derailed
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When was the last time you or members of your leadership team had an intentional conversation with a customer? A conversation you sought out with the customer rather than the

Question Your Customers (and Employees), Weekly

A few decades ago, I was in a project kickoff meeting with a new client named Mary. At the ripe age of 25, I was new to business, especially running

“Strategic Planning” is a Frankenstein Approach

In Scaling Up, we have this notion of a Rock. They are the most important item(s) to work on during the quarter. I typically advise my clients on building Rocks

The 13 Week Run for Rocks

Where are you strategically ignorant in your role?Strategic ignorance intentionally avoids information that can unseat your plans, beliefs, and actions.Here’s an example from a non-business setting. For the last decade

Strategic Ignorance

We've all been in those Weekly Leadership Meetings that meander, never seeming to get to the point of the matter. At worst, we revisit the same topics weekly, and nothing

Getting to the heart of your weekly meeting.

I love meetings. Yes, you read that right. I LOVE meetings. I realize most of you have perfectly justifiable reasons you dislike them. Too many meetings in a given week. Meetings break

Monthly “Deep Dive” / 2D Meeting™

In EOS Traction, the Weekly L10 Meeting is one of the best ways to get your Executive Teams aligned. While I use Scaling Up for all my coaching, I find

L10 Meeting Score Rubric

Social capital is gained slowly over time; therefore, we must be mindful of how we spend it. In my experience, one of the quickest ways to deplete social equity is

Social Capital and Double Opt-In Introductions

Authority. Responsibility. Accountability. When it comes to Leadership, those three words are not interchangeable. They are fundamentally different, and our inability to recognize this creates miscommunications and frustration. Accountable simply

These 3 Words Are Not Interchangeable.

How will the next 90 days be different from your last 90 days? Take a moment to stop and really feel into that. We’re often too damn busy to take

We are our daily practices.

Budgets are not unlimited, and neither is your time, your focus, or your energy. Yet most of us operate as if the latter's supply is limitless. This is true for the

Price Tags on Everything; the Focus, Energy and Time Budget

I start my day by stepping on the scale; 185 lbs and 24% body fat. Got it, thanks. ​Those numbers don't reflect my ideal self, so this morning's breakfast will

Wheel of Needs. A mental well-being fitness scale

​It's been over 20 years since Jim Collins penned the instant classic, Good to Great. Since then, over four million copies have been sold. By any measure, the book has

What Jim Collins missed in Good to Great, but Steve Jobs knew.

Please make those chicken legs heavily seasoned with cayenne pepper, keep the room at 78 degrees, and don't forget the rose-scented candles. Those are just a few of the requests

What Kanye, Beyoncé and M&Ms can teach us about hiring aces

I'll save you the wait. The reason companies get stuck on the growth curve is straightforward; it's communication and trust. In the early start-up stages, communication is exceedingly simple and trust is

This visual shows why companies get stuck on the growth curve