Scaling-Up Coaching

NY Times best-selling author Nassim Taleb coined the term, anti-fragile as something that does not merely withstand shock but improves because of it

Scaling-Up brings similar anti-fragile attributes to businesses that adopt its tools and methods to scale 10x in five years or less. 

Here are a few reasons to adopt Scaling Up:

  • There is a desire or need to accelerate growth and profits.
  • Founder(s) looking to step back from the day-to-day. 
  • Attain a high-value multiple on the sale of the company.
  • Improve team communication and execution. 
  • Develop a formalized strategy for growth. 
  • Improve cash flow.

Scaling Up is a community of Certified Coaches bringing a wealth of entrepreneurial and business experience to every engagement. I'm one of a community of coaches that can rely on the collective shared wisdom of others for those hard to answer questions. 

What's Scaling Up?  

My primary methodology is based on Scaling-Up, by Verne Harnish (Founder of the Entrepreneur's Organization). Scaling-Up is designed for company performance by focusing on the Four Decisions® methodology, of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash. These feed into a One-Page Strategic Plan, meeting cadence and clear goal sharing used by more than 70,000 companies from around the globe. As a entrepreneur, I've seen these practices work in my own companies.

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We're Going to Look at the 4 Decisions Areas


Is everyone in the company working to the best of their ability? Are they aligned with the goals of the company and enjoying the work they are doing?


Does your company have a stable plan in place for long-term growth and how to get there? Do you know what's driving that growth and is everyone on the same page?


Are there daily, weekly, monthly habits and routines that are driving the company forward? Or is work a series of reactionary responses and fire drills?


Is the cash conversion cycle well understood and does the Executive Team understand what's needed to make improvements to it? What impacts the cycle?

Why are you here?

.. and yes, I'm being a bit direct. 

I'm hoping it's because you want to rapidly grow a company, and you possess enough intellectual humility and curiosity to be open to the myriad of ways to get there. Perhaps you feel things could be going quicker; or growth has stagnated or maybe you feel compelled to make a greater impact. Personally, I hope you take the time to reach out and tell me why you are here.

The work I do with organizations is primarily with the executive officer, entrepreneur or president of the company. I work to align their executive team towards a common vision, then put the tools in place to accelerate that aim. Does a company need alignment to find success? No, it doesn't. I'd argue that the majority of companies out there lack a vision or clear purpose. Then again, you aren't here because you are in the majority, you are here because you want and expect more.

First and foremost I'm trained as a Scaling-Up Coach, but I have a deep experience with EOS Traction as well, though not a certified coach in that arena. Then again, I'm not sure it matters if the results speak for themselves. Scaling-Up's framework of 40+ tools is always in my pocket, but every client is unique. Each engagement looks different depending on market dynamics and the maturity of the company. 

One thing is true, this is a long-term commitment. If you are simply looking for a quick fix approach then I'm not your guy. 

Lastly, I hope your company has a mission or give-back that is aimed at reversing climate change. If you don't, then working with me means you'll need to adopt one. See, I believe we might be past the tipping-point when it comes to climate change, but that just means we have to try harder, work smarter and innovate quicker.

If you identify with this mission, then let's talk. I want to help you succeed because the benefits reach far and beyond our engagement.