I help organizations remove bottlenecks and start their growth curve. 

I do this by implementing frameworks for drastically improved communication, meaningful goal selection, and real accountability.

Entrepreneurs and businesses are the best positioned to make a difference in the World. My clients go beyond the balance sheet and expect more from themselves and the companies they run. These changes increase the bottom line, improve the lives of everyone in the company and revitalize our communities. 

George Morris (w/Verne Harnish)
Coach & Implementer

Scaling Up and Entrepreneur Organization (EO) Founder Verne Harnish reviews why he created the Scaling Up Methodology.

The Scaling Up Methodology is used by over 70,000 organizations to align the company with a clear vision, goals, meeting structure and reporting. It's genius is in the simplicity of the system. Don't confuse simplicity with easy. My job as a Scaling Up Coach is to reduce the complexity within your organization. Less complexity means greater efficiency, profits, happiness and agility. 

All my work is guaranteed, and zero risk. If you aren't convinced this methodology is working for you then you don't have to pay me for the services I've provided. That's how convinced I am that Scaling Up is the best framework for accelerating growth.


How does your leadership team stack up?

Take the Rockefeller Habits Quiz to see how "Scaling Up" ready your team is.

Meeting the Challenges of Your Business

There are plenty of ways to work together from a coached implementation of Scaling-Up, a peer-group based learning environment, or self-paced online courses for those starting out. 

Sequoias Scaling Up

These are my well-established companies looking to scale 10x in the next 5 years. All have a mission to grow their business while contributing to reversing climate change. 

Deep Forest Peer Group

Entrepreneurs from all over the globe come together in bi-weekly moderated meetings to support each other in growing their businesses and helping the planet. 

Growth Tools

I've built several tools to help your company align and grow. These tools are free for everyone to use and implement how they see fit. 

My 10 Year BHAG

Offset 700 Million Metric Tons by 2030.

By 2030, the companies that I coach & consult with will remove a combined total of 700 Million Metric Tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. Roughly equaling 1 year of carbon impact for the state of Texas, the largest contributor at 13% of the United States total carbon emissions in 2020. 

Growth Tools

Quarterly Job Scorecard
One-Page Personal Plan: There is more to life than work.
Who’s Responsible for What? The FACe Tool.
Is Your Executive Misaligned?


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Core Values

These are the critical values I hold as a coach and they are fundamental to how my team and I interact internally and with our clients. 

  1. 1
    Seriously Fun: Pay attention, be rigorous and encourage youthful wonder. 
  2. 2
    Question the Defaults: Be vigilant of the ways we limit our thinking and actions, seek the uncomfortable truths. 
  3. 3
    Own It: Treat every client, project and task with the utmost care and accountability. 
  4. 4
    Be The Change: How we work and how we live is reflective of the World we are creating.