Denver Scaling Up Coach
George Morris

Verne Harnish (Founder of Scaling Up) and myself at the Scaling Up Coaches Summit.

Verne Harnish (Founder of Scaling Up) and myself at the Scaling Up Coaches Summit.

Hello my fellow Coloradans,

I would love to assist in Scaling Up your business. A decade ago, I tried self-implementing Scaling Up in my agency, and I failed miserably. I dabbled in EOS Traction while in EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) ad then successfully executed an implementation for a colleague's company, leading to a successful acquisition. 

These tools aren't rocket science, but having an experienced and certified expert goes a long way to successful implementation. That's where I come in. 

I've been a longtime member of the entrepreneurial community here in the Front Range. I transplanted to Boulder from Philadelphia back in 2000. At that time, I started a fastest growing digital agency, Imulus, was President of the Colorado Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization, Founded TEDxBoulder, and became a Techstars Incubator Alumni. 

I have the experience to paint the bigger picture of how Scaling Up will build a stronger organization and the one-to-one experience to build a strong executive team capable of achieving that objective. 

I love working with local clients because I can give you a level of hands-on support which is unavailable to my remote clients, including office time with your extended team and random drop-ins to see how your company is functioning. 

Hit me up with any questions you have. Let's grab lunch and discuss if Scaling Up is a fit for your organization or not. 



  • Client revenue size ranges from $2M to $130M.
  • 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience.
  • Certified in Scaling Up.
  • Involved with two acquisitions.
  • Strong focus on building leadership teams and process Kaizen.