The Business Survival Tools

Before you can scale, you must survive!
These are the tools to get your company to the next level where you can thrive.

Who's This For?

Start-up to sub-25 person companies looking to add structures for improve communication, efficiency, growth and execution. 


Most Popular Tools

One-Page Personal plan

People Tool which looks at four key personal decisions that mirror four key business decisions for the purposes of energy management.

7 Strata

Serves as a checklist of seven core principles that every business should master. Best done with the CEO, Founder(s) or the Key Executive Team. 

l10 Meeting structure

EOS Traction structured meeting. A fluid way to focus urgent issues and track the performance towards objectives. 

Daily Huddles

A 10 to 15 minutes daily gathering to review what has been done, what is in queue and where team members are stuck and need assistance. 

people accountability chart

PACe is a catalyst for conversation around the ongoing improvement of processes and is a great tool for teams struggling with Execution.

Functional accountability chart

This tool requires participants to think through not just who is responsible for each function, but how these functions can be measured over time.


Helps teams evaluate and improve every part of their Cash Conversation Cycle (CCC).

Two-Page Strategic plan

Drives alignment, accountability, and focus by summarizing the information from other growth tools.

the Power of one

Cash tool which quantifies the impact a 1% or 1 day adjustment has on cash flow.

define your sandbox

Tool which defines the identity, location, and method for the sale type for a specific Core Customer.

job scorecard

Internally to objectively evaluate job candidates based on outcomes and competencies.

5 Team dysfunctions

A tool which addresses the five most common barriers to a healthy team dynamic.


The Business Survival Tools are a year long course for supporting a growing business by adding frameworks for thinking and managing the operation of the company. 

  • 25 Tools shared out bi-weekly over a live 45-minute Zoom call. 
  • Q&A time to answer any questions you have. 
  • You'll see immediate benefits to your business.
  •  Option to add our Deep Forest Mastermind group to your experience. 

I made it up, and it worked for a decade...

Until it didn't...

See when I started as an entrepreneur, all I had was chutzpah, no formal business training or mentorship. My business partners and I had a passion and a talent for building high-end websites and mobile applications. We leveraged that talent to attract a few clients at first. We kept an eye on our bank accounts, sales funnel and overall expenses. That worked well for a while.

Then we started hiring more and more talent, and the business started growing. With every new hire, complexity was introduced. We didn't have time to manage the business and grow the sales funnel. We were too busy building things. The business started to feel like a runaway train. I'd lay awake at night worrying about our $260,000 monthly payroll and where the next check was coming from.

We lacked the tools and the training to think about and manage the business as it grew.

Fortunately, we found help in the later years of the business which allowed us to successfully grow and manage the company in a healthier way.

These tools are a culmination of what I've learned over the years. Without a shred of doubt, if I had these tools in my early years my business would have been 10x more profitable and successful.

As a business coach, I typically charge $50k+ for a year long coaching and implementation plan with my clients, and that's not unreasonable for the business coaching space. However, when my agency was doing less than $2m in revenue I would never have been able to afford a business coach. Yet, at that time I desperately needed this knowledge.

Therefore, I've assembled this year long bi-weekly course as a way for early entrepreneurs to learn and implement these tools which have proven to be highly useful in scaling businesses.

I hope you find them useful and I look forward to working with you to scale your business.



George Morris: Coach & Implementer

Optional Entrepreneurial Mastermind Add-On
  • Join seasoned entrepreneurs working through their business challenges and sharing successes. 
  • Accelerate your entrepreneurial learnings by watching how others lead. 
  • Access tools and systems for better business growth

What We'll Cover

The course material is broken into four main sections so that information is kept topical to a particular aspect of the business. In each section we'll cover six tools.  


There are between 10 to 14 possible tools we'll cover here that range from Scaling-Up to EOS Traction to the Great Game of Business. These tools will help you organize your team, measure success and find the right talent. 


We have 8 to 10 execution tools to align the executive team, set and track progress to the completion of the companies yearly goals and it's quarterly Rocks. 


We'll look a the company purpose, values and core competencies. Using a few of the tools we'll sketch out your niche and create a two-page strategy plan. 


Agrueably the most important category. If you get this wrong the other 3 categories don't matter much. Here we'll focus on your cash conversion cycle, understanding your fundamental numbers and team financial literacy. 

Pricing Options & Sign-Up

You can join anytime. Regardless of what point in the year you join, you'll see all 25+ tools. Our live online workshops are held bi-weekly, typically on Thursday afternoons EST. 

25+ Tools Course Only

Access and training on a new business survival tool, bi-weekly. Including a 45-min Zoom during each session.

Mastermind and the 25+ Tools

Join our Deep Forest Entrepreneurial Peer Group along with the 25 tools (learn more). Review your business challenges during live, facilitated 90 min calls with other entrepreneurs, every other week. 


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