Scaling Up PEOPLE

The Heartbeat of Your Business

Do you hear it? That low murmur of discontent, the clattering of keyboards that seem to say, "Is this all there is?" You're not alone. Many companies suffer from toxic cultures, disengaged employees, and a lack of clear leadership. These are symptoms of a greater problem, and they can't be solved with just a new software tool or a team-building day at the local ropes course.

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The Challenges You're Facing

From experience, I can tell you that you're likely dealing with one or more of these issues:

  • Office politics that are more about power plays than productivity
  • A revolving door of employees, leading to higher costs and lower morale
  • A tense atmosphere filled with passive-aggressive behavior or open hostility
  • A lack of trust that keeps your team from achieving its true potential
  • The drain on resources and time as underperforming employees linger, unaddressed

The Fable of FreshCo

Let's talk about FreshCo, a fictional but all-too-familiar startup. They had a hot product and even hotter VC funding. But their team was crumbling from the inside. Employees were disengaged, mistrust ran rampant, and the company was hemorrhaging talent.

FreshCo's leadership decided it was time for a change. They began implementing Scaling Up methodologies, specifically focusing on tools like the Process Accountability Chart (PACe) and the Function Accountability Chart (FACe). They also began one-on-ones between managers and team members, designed to root out the causes of discontent and find individualized solutions using the One-Page Personal Plan and Talent Assessment Chart. Slowly, trust began to rebuild. People started to feel they were heard, valued, and aligned with the company's mission. Today, FreshCo's (hypothetical) success story serves as an inspiration to others facing similar struggles.

What Can We Do Together?

Don't let your business be another cautionary tale. Reach out, let's tackle this challenge head-on. Through a blend of personalized coaching, practical Scaling Up tools, and what makes your team tick, we can transform your company's culture. We'll start with TTI Behavioral Assessments to understand your team's dynamics and Emotional Quotient (EQ) levels. With this valuable information, we'll tailor solutions to your unique challenges.

Your Path Forward

Take the first step.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss how the Scaling Up Methodology might help your business to build a stronger, more results driven team. 

 - Scaling Up PEOPLE

Scaling Up People

Goal: To attract and retain the right people!

  • Become a magnet for attracting A-Players who are dedicated to your goals.
  • Increase accountability and results.
  • Get the right people, doing the right things, right.
  • Drive high-trust, encourage healthy conflict, get commitments, build accountability and produce results.