Time for a Change?
Upgrade from EOS® Traction to Scaling Up®

Open to page 239 of Traction, by Gino Wickman, and you'll see the acknowledgement to Verne Harnish for the teachings of his tools. Verne's tools are the inspiration that EOS Traction is built upon. It's these tools that are key to continuing your company's growth trajectory beyond EOS Traction and into Scaling Up. 

Both Scaling Up and EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) are comprehensive business frameworks aimed at helping companies grow, but they have unique nuances that distinguish them. If you're considering transitioning from EOS Traction to Scaling Up, you'll find several advantages that might pique your interest.


Scaling Up is often touted for its flexibility. Unlike EOS, which has a more rigid, step-by-step approach, Scaling Up offers a more adaptable framework. This adaptability allows companies to pick and choose the elements that best fit their individual needs, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking for a tailored growth strategy.

Depth in Strategy

Scaling Up places a significant emphasis on strategy, diving into aspects like living the core values, core competencies, and market positioning. This comprehensive focus on strategy provides a broader perspective, which is particularly beneficial for businesses seeking to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.

Intellectual Rigor

Scaling Up is based on the principles of Verne Harnish's book "Scaling Up," which itself is built on a robust intellectual foundation, including concepts from disciplines like psychology, economics, and organizational theory. If you're interested in a well-researched, intellectually rigorous approach, Scaling Up might offer more in this regard.

Employee Engagement

Scaling Up incorporates several tools aimed at improving employee engagement, such as the "Seven Strata of Strategy" and "People tools," which go beyond EOS Traction's more simplified "People Analyzer." These tools can provide a more nuanced understanding of your team’s capabilities and needs.

Global Community

Scaling Up also boasts a vibrant global community of coaches, workshops, and seminars. While EOS has a strong community as well, the international presence of Scaling Up can be a boon for companies looking to expand globally.

Customization for Larger Companies

While EOS is often recommended for small to medium-sized businesses, Scaling Up is designed to be scalable, fitting the needs of larger organizations. Its focus on aspects like cash, strategy, execution, and people offers a 360-degree view that can be beneficial for companies at various stages of growth.

So, when it comes down to it, if you’re looking for a more flexible, strategically deep, and intellectually rigorous framework with robust tools for employee engagement, a global community, and the capability to scale with your business, Scaling Up has significant advantages to consider.

It's a Risk-free Seamless Transition from EOS to Scaling Up

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It's Time to Level-Up

It's easy to reach a plateau.


While EOS has its merits, offering foundational tools for streamlining your business, there comes a point when you'll yearn for more—more flexibility, deeper strategic insight, and tools that evolve as your business does.

That's where Scaling Up comes into play, a framework designed not just to help you grow, but to help you grow wisely. With its adaptable structure, deep strategic focus, and tools that foster exceptional employee engagement, Scaling Up is the fuel that can propel your business from good to truly great.

So why remain confined to the limitations of your current system?

It's time to level up.

Similar Thinking

Aside from the trademarked terms, you'll find correlated tools in Scaling Up. The L10 Meeting® is the Weekly Meeting, the V/TO® is the OPSP, People Analyzer® is the Talent Assessment.  

Better Meeting Cadence

EOS Traction® places most emphasis on the L10® Weekly Meeting. Scaling Up looks at the full cadence of meetings from the Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily. 

Focused On Cash

Without improved cash flow, it's nearly impossible to grow. Scaling Up emphasizes better cash flow and focus on margin growth with tools such as the Cash Flow Cycle Tool and Power of One Tool.


Scaling Up is coached by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach, thus it is flexible for adjustment and customization to meet your business's unique culture and methods.