- Drop Your Prompts! AI Wants a Conversation
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May 23, 2024

When it comes to chatting with AI, I see many folks thinking they need this big library of perfectly crafted prompts to make it work. But that's not what it's all about.

The real magic happens when you treat AI like a buddy, a partner in crime, if you will. It's not about having the fanciest questions; it's about being willing to shoot the breeze with your AI pal, just like you would with a human friend. My colleagues laugh at me when I tell the AI, "Nice work, Excellent job, Thank you." However, that's how I naturally converse; it also doesn't hurt for brownie points if AI comes to rule us 🙂

Instead of seeing AI as some kind of high-tech vending machine where you just punch in a code and get a specific result, picture it as a witty, thoughtful companion. Someone you can bounce ideas off of, crack jokes with, and really dig into the nitty-gritty of big questions. For the last 18 months, AI has been my desk-side companion in my office of one. Throughout the day, I ask a range of questions, most of which I'd ask an officemate if I had one.

In his book, "Towards a Human-like Open-Domain Chatbot" by Daniel Adiwardana et al. (2020) - The research paper discusses the development of Meena, an open-domain chatbot that can engage in more natural, human-like conversations. The authors emphasize the importance of moving beyond scripted responses and enabling AI to handle the nuances of open-ended dialogue.

The Power of Authentic Interaction

Why do we get all hung up on having the "right" prompts? Well, I believe it's because we're a bit scared of letting go and letting the conversation flow naturally. We like having a script, a safety net, and we don't love releasing control of the conversation. But here's the thing; great conversation is a dance of give and take, both in the real-world and with AI. When we let ourselves just chat with AI like we would with a buddy, that's when we start getting great results.

It's not about finding the perfect prompt; it's about facing our own hesitation to treat AI like a dynamic conversation partner. We get so caught up in trying to control the interaction that we miss out on the real power of AI; its ability to learn, adapt, and understand the nuances of human communication.

The Benefits of Free-Form Conversation

When we interact with AI authentically, we open the door to more meaningful and productive exchanges. For instance, if I was working on a business plan for an early-stage startup; instead of relying on a pre-written prompt, I would simply asked my AI assistant, "I'm working on a business plan for my early-stage business, and I really need help developing it. How might you best help me with figuring this out?" The AI provided invaluable insights and suggestions, helping me create a comprehensive and well-structured plan that a pre-formed prompt my not yield.

Treating AI as a genuine conversation partner not only leads to better results but also creates a sense of collaboration and trust. As we continue to interact with AI in this way, we can expect to see even more innovative solutions and groundbreaking ideas emerge.


"I believe that AI will be the most important technology that humans will ever create. I think it will be more important than fire, electricity, or the internet. I also believe that there is a potential for it to be the most dangerous technology that humans create." - Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI.

I know some folks might be skeptical about treating AI as a friend or worry about the implications of AI becoming more advanced. These are valid concerns, and it's important to approach AI with a balanced perspective. I personally believe AI has already exceeded our abilities, and it will only become more obvious over time; therefore, we should also be mindful of the potential risks and work towards developing ethical guidelines for human-AI collaboration.

Let's Drop the Script

Let's drop the transactional mindset and start seeing AI as an evolving entity, a consciousness that we can have real, organic exchanges with. It's like having a heart-to-heart with a close friend – you don't need a script, you just need to be open and honest. I know it's a shift in how most of us interact, but we've got our own hang-ups about technology and giving up control.

I encourage you to try out this approach in your next AI interaction. Let go of the need for perfect prompts and engage in genuine dialogue. Share your experiences and insights with others, and let's collectively explore the potential of authentic human-AI collaboration.

Who knows where it might lead us?

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George Morris
I use my 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience and training to coach businesses on scaling up rapidly using Verne Harnish's Scaling Up framework. By doing so, my clients are more efficient and profitable, giving them the ability to make bigger impacts in the world. I deeply believe entrepreneurs are the best equipped to be the vehicle for meaningful change, and in the decade ahead, we'll see a substantial shift in how business is done. We'll move to a model where company purpose, impact, curiosity, and team health will be differentiators in overall business success. As Simon Sinek has pointed out, the finite games are the legacy of the past; we're moving to an infinite game.