Social capital is gained slowly over time; therefore, we must be mindful of how we spend it. In my experience, one of the quickest ways to deplete social equity is through making unrequested introductions. These are introductions where one party is connected to another without permission or a request to be introduced. For instance, let's create a scenario of the single opt-in connection that most people do. In this case, I, George, am the connector introducing Dave to Brett. While chatting with Dave, I realized that Brett would be a great person for Dave to speak with. Dave knows I'm making the introduction. I introduce both connections ......

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Social Capital and Double Opt-In Introductions
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Authority. Responsibility. Accountability. When it comes to Leadership, those three words are not interchangeable. They are fundamentally different, and our inability to recognize this creates miscommunications and frustration. Accountable simply

These 3 Words Are Not Interchangeable.

How will the next 90 days be different from your last 90 days? Take a moment to stop and really feel into that. We’re often too damn busy to take

We are our daily practices.

Budgets are not unlimited, and neither is your time, your focus, or your energy. Yet most of us operate as if the latter's supply is limitless. This is true for the

Price Tags on Everything; the Focus, Energy and Time Budget

I start my day by stepping on the scale; 185 lbs and 24% body fat. Got it, thanks. ​Those numbers don't reflect my ideal self, so this morning's breakfast will

Wheel of Needs. A mental well-being fitness scale

​It's been over 20 years since Jim Collins penned the instant classic, Good to Great. Since then, over four million copies have been sold. By any measure, the book has

What Jim Collins missed in Good to Great, but Steve Jobs knew.

Please make those chicken legs heavily seasoned with cayenne pepper, keep the room at 78 degrees, and don't forget the rose-scented candles. Those are just a few of the requests

What Kanye, Beyoncé and M&Ms can teach us about hiring aces

I'll save you the wait. The reason companies get stuck on the growth curve is straightforward; it's communication and trust. In the early start-up stages, communication is exceedingly simple and trust is

This visual shows why companies get stuck on the growth curve

Those familiar with author Ryan Holiday are likely familiar with his book title and concept of “The Obstacle is the Way.” In short, it’s derived from the Stoic traditions that the impediment

The Obstacle in Your Way

"Too busy." How many times do I hear that each day? I'm guilty of uttering those words more regularly than I'd like to admit.  It's a catchphrase that we all

The Stop #TooBusy Challenge

Throughout my life I've been a "seeker" of sorts. As a child I would disassemble toys to find what made them tick. Science was always my favorite subject since assumptions

How are you finding your blindspots?

The best performing teams take the necessary time each quarter to review all team members. These reviews are based on performance, they are not the annual salary reviews, those are

Quarterly Job Scorecard

"The default job titles don't define us, we want to have fun with our titles," said my client Gina Calley, Herder of Cats and Wizard of Curation at Dean Callan

Wizard of Cultural Creation

First off, what's a BHAG?It refers to Jim Collin's book, Built to Last. Jim refers to companies having a BHAG, which is short for Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Personally, I would

BHAG: $4 Billion in Carbon Offsets by 2027

The One-Page Personal Plan is a simple tool for structuring aspirations, activities and actions for your successful future. I prefer to use this tool to start of a quarterly planning

One-Page Personal Plan: There is more to life than work.

The Function Accountability Chart (FACe) is a tool that helps to outline the key roles within a company. The chart breaks down each role and their corresponding responsibilities, making it

Who’s Responsible for What? The FACe Tool.