- Cross-Team Collaboration as a Catalyst for Success
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May 12, 2023

Encouraging collaboration between teams within an organization is more important than ever. By encouraging cross-team collaboration, leaders can break down silos, harness diverse perspectives, and unlock innovative solutions that drive organizational success. More than just a buzzword, cross-team collaboration is a powerful force that can propel your organization forward.

To promote effective cross-team collaboration, leaders can:

  • Establish shared goals and objectives that require collaboration between teams, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.
  • Create opportunities for team members from different departments to connect, network, and share knowledge through joint projects, workshops, or social events.
  • Encourage open communication and transparency between teams, breaking down barriers and promoting a culture of trust and collaboration.
  • Recognize and celebrate collaborative efforts and successes, reinforcing the value of teamwork and the benefits of working together across teams.

Pixar Animation Studios, renowned for its creative and innovative films, is a prime example of the power of cross-team collaboration. The company's open-plan office space is designed to encourage serendipitous encounters and conversations between employees from different teams and disciplines. Additionally, Pixar's Brain Trust—a collaborative group of directors, writers, and other key personnel—meets regularly to provide candid feedback and creative input on projects in development. This culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing has been integral to Pixar's ability to consistently produce groundbreaking and successful films, showcasing the immense potential of cross-team collaboration.

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George Morris
I use my 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience and training to coach businesses on scaling up rapidly using Verne Harnish's Scaling Up framework. By doing so, my clients are more efficient and profitable, giving them the ability to make bigger impacts in the world. I deeply believe entrepreneurs are the best equipped to be the vehicle for meaningful change, and in the decade ahead, we'll see a substantial shift in how business is done. We'll move to a model where company purpose, impact, curiosity, and team health will be differentiators in overall business success. As Simon Sinek has pointed out, the finite games are the legacy of the past; we're moving to an infinite game.