In this recap of The 150: Corfu Cohort we're sharing the following:

  1. SparkToro: Remember Rand Fishkin, the co-founder of the wildly successful SEOMoz, later rebranded to Moz? Rand is back at it again with his latest company, SparkToro, an app that helps you break free the duopoly of Google/Facebook audience management to better identify niche audiences and their habits and demographics. Find contact information based on search parameters and download the results including contact names and email addresses.
  2. Exaptation & Product Design: "Exaptation is a term used in evolutionary biology to describe a trait that has been co-opted for a use other than the one for which natural selection has built it. ... They proposed exaptation as a counterpart to the concept of adaptation. For example, the earliest feathers belonged to dinosaurs not capable of flight." - LiveScience. Founder of ReInvent.World, Phyllis Dealy, used the concept of Exaptation in helping to ideate new ideas or features. In short, take a product, any product. In our case we used the example of a bottle of Vitamin Water. Describe the product in detail. What are the features of the bottle? For instance, it has a nutritional label. It has a twist-off cap that once broken cannot be resealed. Once that list of features and attributes is made, read the list and ask yourself "how can this be applied to (insert product or service or business)." In some cases you'll struggle to find a correlation that fits, and there will also be few gems in the exercise.
  3. SalesBolt: Is the "next generation of CRM data management". Using LinkedIN, SalesBolt looks for new opportunities by identifying churn in customer job changes. It claims customers will switch jobs every 36 months, SalesBolt keeps the CRM updated with these changes so your company can follow them and future opportunities to their next venture.

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