March 8, 2022 5:06 pm

George Morris

First off, what's a BHAG?

It refers to Jim Collin's book, Built to Last. Jim makes reference to companies having a BHAG, which is short for Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Personally, I would drop off the Big Hairy part, but hey I'm not a world renown author and speaker. Anyway, the BHAG is a goal for your organization to strive towards over a multi-year period. Great BHAGs should feel almost unattainable. That's a good thing, because to reach a BHAG means your organization must grow in capability. I guide my clients to set a BHAG with a chance for success of between 20-30%, or otherwise a 70% chance of failure.

For me, I've set my BHAG at $4 billion of aggregate carbon offsets by 2027. This means that the aggregate total of client impact will reach 100 million metric tonnes by 2027. Applying current carbon credit pricing that would equate to a $4 billion dollar impact. As of 2022, that impact would offset one year of Colorado's climate impact.

Will you join me in reversing climate change?

About the Author

I rapidly scale-up green and brown business that want to reverse climate change. This is no longer a debate. Our planet is cooking. Threatening our existence.

I believe entrepreneurs and businesses can succeed where governments have failed. Regardless of industry, there are things we can do such as promoting remote-teams, reducing our carbon footprint, tightening supply-chains or at a minimum buying carbon offsets. If you have a business to leverage as a tool to reverse climate change, then I want to help you get there, quicker!

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