What Was & Will Be

A Personal Retrospective & Guide to the New Year

The entire workbook takes anywhere from 2 to 3 hours and can easily be broken up over several days. There won't be an abbreviated version, this is meant for those who want to slow down and do the deeper work. 

The end of the year is a time for reflection—a chance to inventory our lives over the last twelve months. For over a decade, I’ve made time during holidays to sit quietly and ponder the year's significance. I dig through emails, text, photos, articles, and journal entries dating back to January 1st. Often I stumble upon forgotten events, challenges, and under-appreciated accomplishments. Dusting them off to reconsider their meaning after the passage of time typically yields new perspectives for growth. 

This practice leaves me feeling grateful and at peace for the year that has passed. It also gives me a firm footing to set the course for what I aspire to in the new year, in both business and my personal life. 

In this workbook, you’ll find questions, interesting stories, thought exercises, quotes, and tools to improve your odds of finding more gratitude and growth in the coming year. The QR codes will take you to more information if you are curious about the exercise or question. 

Disclaimer: The retrospective starts “soft” and asks many feeling-based questions. In contrast, the planning section is more direct. It’s very much a yin-yang exercise. 

Aim up!


“If you don’t have a consistent goal in life, you can’t live it in a consistent way.”
- Marcus Aurelius