Online Workshop
Tuesday, August 1st, 2023 from 11:00 am to 11:30 am MT. 

AI Assisted Core Values

This Scaling Up based interactive workshop focuses on creating Core Values that serve as structural support for your company, giving it direction and acting as a filtering mechanism for decision-making and hiring.

It is not the content of a company’s values that correlates with performance, but the strength of conviction with which it holds those values, whatever they might be. ” 

- Jim Collins

Researcher, Author, International Consultant.

George Morris
Scaling Up Coach & Implementer. Workshop Leader

From my vantage point, many companies have overlooked the opportunity to capitalize on their core values. In most cases, the core values were written to check off a box of things the company should do, then forgotten about.

If your employees can't list out your company's core values on demand, there is a massive opportunity for growth. 

Core Values are to be LIVED, day in and day out.

When they are, things start to change. 

Employees start to align with their work. They begin to find meaning in their output and their relationship with team members.

They are meant to be spoken by all team members and used as a filtering tool for hiring and firing, for deciding the big directional decisions.

Frankly, core values are one of the primary building blocks of great organizations, regardless of ambitions.

R.E.A.L Core Values with AI Assitance

In this workshop we're going to design Core Values that stick.

Core Values that are so memorable and meaningful they will  radically change the company culture and impact nearly all your KPI's, OKRs and metrics. Once integrated into your company, there will be a noticeable change within your organization. We'll do this with the support of ChatGPT to help us accelerate the creative process and do 80% of the work. 


Are the Core Values relevant to what the company actually does or are they generic platitudes? 

Emotionally Engaging

Does the value make an emotional connection that is palpable? 


Does the company have the spine to make tough decisions based on the Core Values?

Live It!

Is there evidence the values are being lived by everyone, on a daily basis? If so they should be heard in nearly every meeting and clearly visible throughout the company. 


What You'll Get in 30 Minutes
  • Creation or refinement of your Core Values. 
  • A clear understanding of how Core Values drive organizational growth and alignment. 
  • Using Core Values for hiring and firing.
  • How Core Values act as a filtering mechanism for tough decisions.