Team Dynamics with DISC and the 12 Driving Forces. 

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It is people who innovate, communicate, and drive businesses forward. It's people who build cultures, foster relationships, and make the critical decisions that can set a company on a path to success. In light of this, understanding individuals - their strengths, their weaknesses, their motivations, and their preferred ways of working - is paramount. One powerful tool that can shed invaluable light on these aspects is the DISC Assessment and behavioral assessments.

The DISC Assessment is a non-judgmental tool used for discussion of people's behavioral differences. It offers a comprehensive understanding of an individual's work personality - how they behave, how they respond to conflict, what motivates them, what causes them stress, and how they solve problems. The DISC framework, grounded in the work of psychologist William Moulton Marston, breaks down behavior into four basic styles: Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C).

Why should you care?

Well, when we deeply understand these behavioral preferences, we're in a position to create teams that not only work efficiently but also resonate with each other on a deeper level. We can place individuals in roles where they are most likely to shine, creating an environment that is not only productive but also fulfilling.

Consider this: what if you could mitigate conflict within your team, streamline communication, and boost performance? You wouldn't pass up such an opportunity, would you? Well, DISC and other behavioral assessments offer precisely that. Here's how:

1. Foster Effective Communication: DISC can help individuals within a team understand their communication preferences and adjust their style to communicate effectively with others. For instance, someone high in Dominance (D) might be direct and to the point, while someone high in Influence (I) might prefer a more relaxed, personable conversation. Understanding these differences can reduce friction and enhance overall communication.

2. Build Complementary Teams: Using behavioral assessments, you can build balanced teams where each member brings a unique strength to the table. This reduces skill overlap and fills in the gaps that might exist in a homogenous team. For instance, a high-C person's attention to detail could complement a high-D person's drive and urgency.

3. Increase Employee Satisfaction: When individuals work in roles that align with their behavioral preferences, they're likely to feel more satisfied and engaged. This reduces turnover and improves overall team morale.

4. Enhance Conflict Resolution: DISC can shed light on potential sources of conflict within a team and offer strategies for resolution. Understanding that a team member's directness or reservedness is just a behavioral preference and not a personal slight can go a long way in maintaining harmony.

5. Streamline Leadership and Management: Behavioral assessments can help leaders and managers adapt their leadership style to suit their team's preferences, increasing their effectiveness.

6. Boost Performance: When employees feel understood and valued, when they work in roles that suit them, and when they are part of a well-rounded team, their performance soars.

Does this pique your interest? If you are committed to building high-performing teams, the DISC Assessment and behavioral assessments offer a treasure trove of insights. These tools offer a tangible, systematic way to understand what makes your team tick, how they prefer to work, and how they can work better together. The potential benefits are profound: reduced conflict, improved communication, increased satisfaction, and ultimately, higher performance.

Remember, the success of a business hinges on its people. So, why not invest in understanding them better? Embrace the power of behavioral assessments, and set your team, and your business, on a path to unparalleled success. The journey to building a high-performing team begins with a simple step – understanding. Are you ready to take that step?

Hello there,

I'm George Morris, a TTI Certified Assessment Debriefer and Coach. I orchestrate high-performance teams by understanding and leveraging individual behavioral styles. Think of me as your guide on a journey to harmonize communication, collaboration, and productivity in your business environment.

My expertise lies in decoding behavioral patterns using tools like the DISC Assessment. From this foundation, we work together to align your team's strengths and establish effective communication that resonates with each individual. Why? Because understanding your team's behavioral preferences unlocks smoother communication, enhanced job satisfaction, and superior team performance.

I don't aim to change who your team members are, but to emphasize their unique strengths. I foster an environment where everyone feels valued, creating a path to high-performance that's about understanding, not changing people.

As a certified debriefer and coach, my approach is evidence-based and deeply empathetic. I'm committed to facilitating sustainable and meaningful change, tailored to your team's unique needs. If you're ready to unlock your team's potential and elevate their performance, let's embark on this journey together.



What about the 12-Driving Forces?

Communication forms the backbone of success. The quality of dialogue within your team determines the pace, efficiency, and effectiveness of your collective efforts. But what if you could tap into the secret of your team's communication style? What if you could understand what motivates and drives them, thereby fostering a seamless flow of dialogue and ideas? This is precisely what the TTI's 12 Driving Forces Assessment offers.

The TTI 12 Driving Forces Assessment, grounded in the research of Eduard Spranger and Gordon Allport, provides a detailed analysis of what drives an individual's behavior, revealing the underlying motivations and values that guide their actions and communication. It explores 12 key drivers under four categories: Knowledge, Utility, Surroundings, and Others. By delving into these drivers, you get a unique lens into your team members' communication styles, needs, and motivations.

Imagine the profound impact this could have on your team's performance. By understanding the primary driving forces of each team member, you can customize communication to appeal to their specific motivations. This creates a powerful resonance, resulting in a more engaged, connected, and high-performing team. Let's delve into how the TTI 12 Driving Forces Assessment can revolutionize your team communication:

1. Enhancing Mutual Understanding: By providing insights into what motivates each team member, the assessment fosters a greater level of understanding and empathy within the team. This reduces miscommunication and fosters a culture of respect and acceptance.

2. Streamlining Communication: When you understand your team's driving forces, you can tailor your communication style to match their preferences. This streamlines communication, reduces friction, and enhances overall team efficiency.

3. Improving Conflict Resolution: Armed with insights into what truly drives your team members, you can navigate conflicts more effectively. Understanding that differing viewpoints often stem from different motivating forces can help diffuse tension and enable more constructive discussions.

4. Boosting Engagement: When team members feel understood and valued, their engagement levels soar. The TTI 12 Driving Forces Assessment helps create an environment where everyone's motivations are acknowledged and leveraged, which can significantly boost team morale and productivity.

5. Facilitating Effective Leadership: For leaders, understanding their team's driving forces is invaluable. It allows them to lead in a way that aligns with their team's core motivations, enhancing their ability to inspire and influence.

6. Enhancing Collaboration: A deeper understanding of each team member’s driving forces can help in assigning roles and responsibilities more effectively, leading to improved collaboration and team synergy.

By leveraging the TTI 12 Driving Forces Assessment, you’re not just investing in an assessment tool – you’re investing in the future success of your team. You’re unlocking the power of communication, capitalizing on your team’s unique motivations, and paving the way for improved performance and productivity.

If you're committed to fostering better team communication and creating a high-performing team, the TTI 12 Driving Forces Assessment is the perfect tool to guide you on your journey. It offers a deeper understanding of your team, a stepping stone towards better communication, and ultimately, the key to a more motivated, engaged, and successful team.

Remember, understanding your team's driving forces is not a luxury—it's a necessity. Are you ready to unlock the power of driving forces in your team? The journey towards effective team communication begins with understanding. Take that first step today.

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