Why is it that a select few companies work with business coaches? Is it a coincidence that even fewer companies continually scale over years and decades? 

Microsoft Co-Founder, Bill Gates said, "everyone needs a coach... we all need people who gives us feedback, that's how we improve."

Google Co-Founder, Eric Schmidt once said, "every famous athlete, every famous performer has somebody who's a coach. Somebody who can watch what they're doing and say, "Is that what you really meant? Did you really do that?" They can give them perspective. The one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps." 

Two of the biggest names in business use coaches and recommend that you do as well. So why haven't you?

In my experience, it comes down to one of four reasons:

  1. An unwillingness to invest in yourself and your executive team. Despite knowing it will return 10x what you put in. 
  2. An inflated Ego, incapable of asking for help. 
  3. Fear of an uncertain future and an inability to commit to the changes required to level up. 
  4. A conservative mindset incapable of believing your company can achieve far more. 

I'm going against the advice of coaches in my community, and I'm offering all my coaching services for free during July only. Yes, all my offerings, including off-site strategic planning with your executive team as long as you cover the travel. 

Why am I doing this? 

Simple. I'm so confident in my practice that I know I'll provide your team with value. 

Who qualifies? 

This offering is for companies with $2M to $8M in yearly revenue and are run by a founder or co-founder.

Try Me. Zero Risk

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