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I have a vast toolbox of tools used to clarify direction, improve strategy, engage the team and accelerate growth. Feel free to dip into my toolbox to find the tools that work best for your organizational needs.

'23 What Was & Will Be

Retrospective & Guide

My free guide to reflecting on the past year and getting clear on the challenges and goals in the year ahead. Takes 2 to 3 hours to complete. 

Personal Alignment

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Rockefeller Habits

Is Your Executive Leadership Team Aligned?

The habits of John D. Rockefeller contributed to his greatness. This quiz looks at three key focus areas: Priorities, Data and Rhythms to determine if your team is aligned. 

Executive Team Alignment

Scaling Up Content

DiSC Profile Generator

Use this tool to pre-construct a DiSC profile for your ideal team member. The resulting graph will visually show which areas, D, I, S or C are visually higher than others. Use this information to help benchmark a role or position against actual job candidates. 


Personal Growth & Direction

Distraction Calculator

How good are you at doing Deep Work?

Inspired by the work of Cal Newport and his book Deep Work, this calculator looks at our ability to focus on cognitively demanding work as opposed to shallow work. Shallow work consists of workday activities that lack cognitive demand. Shallow work is easy to replicate, whereas deep work creates new value, improves your skills, and is difficult to reproduce.


Personal Growth & Direction

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Quarterly Job Scorecard

The best performing teams take the necessary time each quarter to review all team members. These reviews are based on performance, they are not the annual salary reviews, those are different, but salary reviews should take quarterly job scorecards into consideration.


Personal Growth & Direction

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Functional Accountability Chart (FACe)

This tool that helps to outline the key roles within a company. The chart breaks down each role and their corresponding responsibilities, making it easier for companies to scale successfully. By getting clear on the roles and responsibilities of each seat in your organization, you can ensure that everyone is aware of their specific tasks and can work more efficiently as a team.

Team Alignment

Process Identification

Scaling Up Content

Interest Compass

How do you follow a passion if you aren't feeling passionate about a topic? It's bad advice. 

Following your interests allows you to explore the areas that give you the most energy and excite you, those are the topics that eventually turn into passions. 

This exercise helps move you onto that path. 

Personal Growth & Direction

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