I love this exercise for helping team members learn more about themselves as well as a tool for building trusting bonds with each other. While it sounds like a mystic practice, it’s not. The name comes from Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham (grab the Jo and the Harri). These two psychologists used this exercise in the 1950’s to help people better understand their relationship to themselves. 

Conceptually, it's about sharing perspectives and insights which are typically kept private. However, this isn't about revealing your deepest darkest secrets. It's about the team sharing their observations of the individual, and the individual sharing truths of how they see the World. 

The exercise translates well into a virtual environment. It’s fun, it’s engaging and a great way to kick off a planning meeting or team building session. 

Without going into every detail, the exercise moves the group from a place of what is “known to all” to a place of discovering the unknown. This journey gives each team member a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other. 

Best For

  • Teams looking to build trust and collaboration. 
  • Groups less than 10 people. 
  • Remote, Physical or Hybrid teams.
 - The Johari Windows Module

Book a Session

  • 2 hours required. 
  • Minimal prep work needed. 
  • Booking available in less than 3 days, as far out as 3 months.
  • Total cost $499