Scaling Up Workshop

Execute & Align

How to Have Less Meetings with More Alignment

Does any of this apply to your team?

  • Lack of alignment across the organization leading to wasted effort.
  • Poor execution of strategic priorities.
  • Too many meetings, not enough movement forward!

Our intensive 3.5 hour Scaling Up workshop solves these problems by teaching how to apply the Scaling Up methodology, to drastically improve execution and alignment. 

Scaling Up is used by well over 80,000 companies worldwide and is the foundational material for the popular EOS Traction methodology. 

Who should attend?

Ideal for teams facing alignment issues, poor strategic execution, and excessive meetings hindering progress. 

Specifically, it might cater to:

  • Leaders and Managers: Who aim to align their teams better and enhance strategic execution.
  • Team Members: Interested in contributing more effectively to organizational goals.
  • Organizations: At a pivotal growth phase or undergoing transitional challenges.
  • Strategy Executives: Looking to refine and effectively execute strategic priorities.

February 15th, 2023 @ 8 to 11:30 pm MT - (Zoom)


$500 per person
$1000 per executive team

George Morris
Founder and Certified Scaling Up Coach. 

What's included with registration?

1. Full Team Assessment

We'll assess and debrief your companies overall performance and potential opportunities during a 1:1 call, before the workshop. 

2. Attend the Workshop

Attend the virtual workshop either by yourself or with your team and work through agenda towards alignment and better execution. 

3. Debrief Call

Post-workshop call to debrief what was learned, address any additional questions and support your team with what is needed going forward. 

What you'll come away with

You and your team will feel more aligned then ever before. Suddenly all the meetings will make sense and you'll wonder how you did it before learning these methods. We'll cover the follow Scaling Up topics during the call. 

  1. Defining your BHAG
  2. Articulating your Strategy
  3. Defining 12 month Goals
  4. Creating a Meeting Cadence (Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily)
  5. Refining the Weekly Meeting
  6. Creating a Team Charter

NOTE: This is a virtual meeting so all members of your team need to have their own computer accessing the meeting. Please no conference room gatherings over a single device. 

Who's Attending the Workshop?(Required)

A Clearly Aligned Team

Using the BHAG as our reference point, we'll set a strategic vision and outline your 3 to 5 year priorities along with setting goals for the upcoming year and a methodology for attaining those goals. 

Reduction in Wasted Time

A meeting cadence of Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily will help align all members of the team toward the goals of the company while also making room for the unforeseen.


Team members will have a new appreciation of accountability and what it means to hold each other accountable. 

Standardizing Behaviors

We'll develop a team charter, outlining the acceptable and unacceptable behaviors of your team, and what is expected of all who are part of the team.