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Nice, you are in the upper quartile of workers. You've shown the ability to be able to focus on important work while minimizing distraction, yet there is still more you can do to improve your focused time. 

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 - Distraction Calculator – Prioritizing

Quick ways to improve your score

  • Silence the Apps & Smartphone: Schedule downtime for all your apps that distract you during the day. Find the time in the day you feel most productive, for many it's between 9 and 11:30 am, for you it might be different. During those times close all distracting apps and place your phone in "do not distrub" mode till the end of your productive time. If you have meetings that break up this focus period do your best to adapt around the meeting time. 
  • Create a Shutdown Sequence: Cal Newport talks about creating a mental separation between work and non-work time, he does this with a shutdown sequence. It's a chance to free up energy and worry by closing out the days activities and setting yourself up for success by planning the next day. For me, I review my to-do list and close ALL the tabs in my browser.