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Not bad. Your work is mostly reactive, however you show signs that you are able to do the deeper work. Now the goal is to carve out more time in your busy day. 

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 - Distraction Calculator – Overloaded

Quick ways to improve your score

  • Time Blocking: Try blocking off more time in your calendar to work on the "Important / Not-Urgent" projects. "By focusing intensely on a specific skill, you’re forcing the specific relevant circuit to fire, again and again, in isolation. This repetitive use of a specific circuit triggers cells called oligodendrocytes to begin wrapping layers of myelin around the neurons in the circuits—effectively cementing the skill." - Read more on Deep Work
  • Close the Chatter: Schedule shut down of all communications apps including Email, Slack, IM, Text etc. You'll notice an improvement in your focus and clarity even if do this for just a few hours per week.