Similar to the Johari Windows exercise, Cloaking is a way to gain a deeper perspective on blind spots. I only recommend this exercise to a team that already has a high degree of trust and clear communication. The exercise starts with a coached presentation where a team member shares a struggle or challenge they are having, and where they would like feedback. After a session of Q&A with the presenter, they are sent away. In a virtual setting I have the presenter turn off their video and mute their mic. 

At this point I start gathering feedback from the other team members on the call. The feedback is gathered from everyone on the call, in the third person, and delivered as if the presenter isn’t there. We’ll look at pros, cons, possible ideas and observations. While this is happening the presenter will take notes on what resonated the most. Once feedback is gathered, the presenter will come back to the meeting, turn on their video and audio and share the take-aways from the feedback. The other team members will do the same. 

I like to recommend this exercise to more than one member of the team. It tends to be more effective when two or more team members undergoing the Cloaking exercise. 

Best For

  • Teams with high trust.
  • Organizations valuing transparency.
  • Emotional intelligent teams. 

Book a Session

  • 2 hours session.
  • Typically can cloak 3 team members in 1 session.
  • Booking available in less than 3 days, as far out as 3 months. 
  • Total cost $1,999