Hi, I’m George, 91.5% of my life has been spent as an entrepreneur with a few brief instances of W2 employment. I’ve experienced the full cycle of entrepreneurship from the excitement of ideation and initial execution, closing large contracts, product failures, co-founder issues, making payroll, hiring and retaining top talent, acquisitions and everything in-between. The point is, I get it. If you are a fellow entrepreneur, I can empathize with your unique perspective on business. I’ve also “done my time” in corporate structures and director roles, and I’ve enjoyed giving back as a leader in the Entrepreneurs Organization. 

This stuff lights me up. I love working on businesses. The richness in ideas, human complexities, perspectives, and market challenges all weave together to make every situation somewhat unique. Whether it’s helping the leadership team in an organization function better or designing yearly business goals through meeting facilitation, hit me up. I promise I’ll be honest and direct with working with your team and if I’m not the best match, I’ll help you find someone who is. 

What Bezos and the Marines Share in Decision Making

General Eisenhower stood stoically behind the planning table, studying the weather reports and reconnaissance photos scattered before him. The tentative date for launching the long-awaited Allied invasion of Normandy was

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The ‘Other AI’: The Seductive Lure of Artificial Intimacy

"Alexa, I'm lonely."This sorrowful plea rings out more often than you might expect in homes with virtual assistants. It reflects a deeper human yearning for emotional connection. We crave bonds

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