With a recession on the horizon, this is how you can improve your business strategy with just 7 strong questions.

In this workshop we'll go deep on the Scaling Up 7 Strata worksheet. It's designed as a set of principles that every business should master to integrate into, especially in economically rough waters. 

Thursday, Dec 8th, 3 pm ET. Virtual

7 Strata Workshop

Thanks for having a look at the 7 Strata workshop. In this workshop, we'll identify and reinforce the structures that make your business unique and differentiated, fortifying your business for the forecasted economic storms ahead.

I've weathered several uncertain times with my businesses. My first business started during the "dot-com bust," and it grew successfully for 12 more years. Then there were the companies that survived the 2008 recession. Their leaders knew what they were about, how they differentiated, and where to adjust for maximum growth.

Our workshop will start with clarifying your Mindshare and will end with setting a BHAG (Jim Collins' Big Hairy Audacious Goal). In the end, you'll have a single page that summarizes 7 aspects of your business strategy that are invaluable to guiding your company through the rough waters ahead.

This is a small group workshop; there will only be 6 seats available. This gives us time to collaborate and ask thoughtful questions.

See you there!

- G

7 Strata Virtual Workshop

What You'll Create
  • Identify your Mindshare
  • Determine your Sandbox
  • Define your Brand Promise
  • Define your Brand Guarantee
  • Develop a One-Phrase Strategy
  • Identify Differentiating Actions
  • Create an X-Factor
  • Create a Profit Per X Engine
  • Set your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

George Morris

Head Coach @ GMORRIS