A kick-ass gathering of sharp entrepreneurial minds working to further each other, our impact and our businesses. 

Like the Sequoia, entrepreneurs in a community of peers grow quicker and push themselves beyond those that insist on going it alone. 

This is a group of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. It's for those who rise to a challenge and fearlessly explore growth in all its forms.

How We Interact

You get out what you put in.

We primarily meet virtually, and while there is no requirement for attending cohort meetings, there is a requirement to participate. Active participation by all members creates a rich community, and we actively remove those who aren't bringing it to the table.

We meet several times during the month, either on 90-minute bi-weekly cohort meetings, monthly networking, or presentations. Our interactions are almost entirely by Zoom; however, there are a few gatherings in-person.

Membership is Different

Membership determination is by the community or referral from one of our existing members.
With very few exceptions we're looking for entrepreneurs with multiple years of experience.

To apply, either start a discussion with us in WhatsApp or reach out to one of our members listed below by hitting them up however you see fit. Remember, the existing members will have final say on your application to join. 

Current members

Below is the current membership roster as of Summer of '22. 

George Morris - Facilitator

Scaling-Up Coach and Facilitator of the Sequoia community. 

Co-founder of an online software and marketing company, and a physical products company. Techstars alumni from the 2015 cohort in Boulder, Colorado. 

Scott Scheff - HF Design Works

Founder and co-founder of several tech companies, an automotive supply company, and dabble in real estate investing. I am also a multiple ironman triathlon finisher as well as an accomplished ultramarathon cyclist, swimmer, and runner.

Rob Krecak - Humans First

Humans First aims to help people have a better relationship with technology so they can make time for the things that matter most in life, like family and fun. We do this through officially transitioning companies from a 5-day workweek to a 4-day workweek with no loss in productivity or profitability. 

Dr. Amelia Case - Universal Health Institute

Founded UHI to provide patient-centric care for Chicagoans and high-quality alternative and complementary health care options for the treatment of pain and a variety of illnesses. In the time that our doors have been open, we have helped literally tens of thousands of patients to find better care solutions to their problems.

Kevin Maude - Social Video

Founder of B47 Studios and Social Video. Deep experience in video content creation expertise.

Phyllis Dealy - Reinvent the World

Three-time entrepreneur with 25+ years experience bringing creative ideas to life for top tier organizations like Duracell, Pirelli, Sony, Hewlett-Packard. Prior to Reinvent The World, she was founder and partner at Woods Witt Dealy & Sons, a boutique creative advertising agency based in Manhattan for 8 years.

Joel Sanders - Tell Me More

Lifelong entrepreneur and founder of several companies. Currently leading up the marketing operations and strategy team at Tell Me More. 

Tom Prudence - Vine Companies

Vision, Integrity, Execution - VINE Companies delivers exceptional returns to accredited investors through investments in distressed assets, while supporting social and environmental causes. 

Greg Ahern -Ometrics

Founder of Ometrics® and Ochatbot® - AI chatbot platform for eCommerce, leads and support. We also provide CRO A/B testing and customer insights. At Ometrics you can discover where your users are getting stuck, remove user obstacles and increase sales. 

David Monaghan - Compliatric

Founder and chief architect of a comprehensive governance, risk management and compliance software platform allowing organizations to successfully demonstrate compliance in a number of regulatory requirement areas.

Jason Hubbard - Hubbard Consulting

Jason has literally grown-up in startups, including helping to grow three top 100 Inc. Fastest Growing Private Companies. Most recently, Cirrus Insight was number 41. 

Eli Pascal - Live Sidekick

Brooklyn-raised and residing in Costa Rica, Eli is one of our non-USA based entrepreneurs. His experience is vast and has a fantastic reputation of building loyal teams. 

About The Facilitator: George Morris

George is a lifelong entrepreneur focused mostly in the software and digital marketing space. He was a former member and Chapter President of the Entrepreneur Organization (EO) and served on the board for several years. Over these years George has amassed a wealth of knowledge about facilitating entrepreneurs and understanding what makes business tick. His is trained as a Scaling-Up Coach and has non-certified experience implementing and running Traction EOS. 

It's all about a growth mindset, abundance mentality and trust.

This is about making an investment in yourself. 

So often us business owners are too busy doing. We are always kicking the ball down the road for things which don't feel urgent or necessary.

Taking the time to invest in yourself, is investing in your business. Learning from other entrepreneurs helps us avoid potential mistakes, or better yet it helps us make moves that accelerate our businesses.

For the global challenges that face us, we need entrepreneurs that are more adaptable and value driven than ever. 

It's no longer all "about the Benjamins," it's about creating real change, improving communities and better the lives of all.

Join us in this mission to grow as entrepreneurs and build a better World for future generations to thrive.


George Morris