Scaling Up Workshops

Need help understanding how to use Scaling Up in your organization? Join my in-person, virtual and self-paced workshops to learn more about Scaling Up and to gain direction on the various tools and strategies. 

Virtual Workshops

Friday, June 9th.
9:00 to 9:45 am MT

Setting Ambitious Goals

In this 45 min workshop, we'll go into the core components that make up a strong BHAG. We'll look at Jim Collin's Hedgehog Concept and how it intersects with the Scaling Up Methodology to give your company the clarity it needs to strive far beyond its current capabilities.


~ 45 MINS

Thursday, June 15th.
12:30 pm to 1:15 pm MT

AI-Assisted Core Value Generation

In this interactive workshop, we will focus on creating Core Values with the help of ChatGPT that will serve as structural support for your company, giving it direction and acting as a filtering mechanism for decision-making and hiring. 


~ 45 MINS