Feeling Stuck? 
Ready to Level-Up?

If you've been wrestling with an issue in your company, with your team or a personal roadblock, coaching might be your solution. 

Pay Only If I Provide You Value (for 3 months)

My practice is new, but my experience is extensive. I'm looking for a few people and/or teams willing to commit to a coaching practice over the next few months, for free for 3 months. 
This is my way of honing my practice and giving back, I know it will help you and your business as well. 

Here is what you can expect:


Initial 2 hour call to talk about the issues and dig deep into understanding. 


Bi-weekly 90 min call to check on progress and coach next steps. 


Random check-ins from me to get a pulse check on your day to day activities and focus. 

Here is what I expect from you:


Show up. Be on time with our calls and be fully present. Get off your email and silence your phone. 


Understand that I'm not your friend, I'm here to push you to achieve more. 


Do the deep work and commit to the process of coaching. 


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What My Clients Say

John Donicht

President of The Jacobsen

George has an intuitive ability to work with all facets of people.  His people skills or emotional intelligence is off the charts and allows him to work with any team members or those hard to work with folks and motivate them to work as a team.

Andy Seth


George is master of bringing groups together, helping navigate difficult conversations, and uniting teams to emerge stronger. His process and skill builds trust and is one of the most effective facilitators I know. So grateful to have his guidance. You could tell we were in the hands of a master. 

Cristina Savery


George was able to review and bring out the “elephants” we had at the corporate level and keep the conversations professional but still allow the team enough room to talk about the issues candidly and pressed issues that were not explored enough.