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Deep Forest

Its part entrepreneurial collaboration, part sharing insights and a bit therapeutic.  

Grow in places you don't yet know.

The road of the entrepreneur is wild, and oh so fun. Few outside of the entrepreneurial community truly understand the challenges of running business. This is a group of seasoned entrepreneurs, with experience running companies over $1M in annual revenue. Not just that, but our members have committed to help reverse climate change. 

On a bi-weekly basis we share ideas and experiences around growing our business. We build knowledge of each other over time, we develop trust, and learn to grow together. We're also giving back to heal our planet. 

What's not to love? 


Here’s what people are saying about
Deep Forest

Scott Scheff

HF Design Works

Shared Knowledge

Deep Work empowers me with shared knowledge from enthusiastic entrepreneurs such as myself. Many of whom have been there and done that and are openly willing to share their knowledge and lessons learned.

Andy Seth


Full of Experience

I love that the Deep Forest Entrepreneur Group is made up of entrepreneurs like me: those who have had successful businesses and are building their next one. And I’m surprised at how deep we get in a virtual setting.

Dave Will


Immediate ROI

It offers the perfect mix of convenience, value and commitment for an experienced entrepreneur peer group. There was an immediate return on my relatively small investment with just the online community, not to mention the effective zoom video calls with my cohort.

You Get What You Give

Deep Forest is based on the premise of Johari's Windows. In short, we all grow when we share beyond the surface level. We're looking for the top and bottom 5% of your personal experiences. The more you share about yourself, the more the Pod can give you feedback and insights into areas of your business and personal life which might have gone unnoticed. You grow, we grow. 

This group isn't for everyone. We're looking for members with intellectual humility and a good degree of emotional intelligence, business savvy is always a plus. 

Bi-Weekly Pod Meetings

Every two weeks you'll have a 90-min moderated Pod meeting with other entrepreneurs. This is your chance to share what's top of mind for you, while helping others with their challenges or sharing in their success. 

Guest Speakers

Occasionally we bring in a topical expert to share their insights and perspectives. Each session is part presentation and part Q&A with members of Deep Forest. 

Scaling-Up and EOS Traction Discussions

Many members have implemented some form of business operating system, tools such as Scaling-Up, EOS Traction or Zingerman's Open Book Management. We'll share best practices and ideas for successful implementation. 

WhatsApp Discussion

Between meetings members continue the discussions in WhatsApp. There is no need to respond or monitor the messages, in fact we suggest you mute WhatsApp and participate as much as you'd like.

About The Moderator & Coach - George Morris

George is a lifelong entrepreneur focused mostly in the software and digital marketing space. He was a former member and Chapter President of the Entrepreneur Organization (EO) and served on the board for several years. Over these years George has amassed a wealth of knowledge about facilitating entrepreneurs and understanding what makes business tick. His is trained as a Scaling-Up Coach and has non-certified experience implementing and running Traction EOS. 

His love and dedication to the environment stems back to college where George majored in Environmental Sciences and sought study in Sustainable Development. 

It's all about a growth mindset, abundance mentality and trust.

This is about making an investment in yourself. 

So often us business owners are too busy doing. We are always kicking the ball down the road for things which don't feel urgent or necessary.

Taking the time to invest in yourself, is investing in your business. Learning from other entrepreneurs helps us avoid potential mistakes, or better yet it helps us make moves that accelerate our businesses.

For the global challenges that face us, we need entrepreneurs that are more adaptable and value driven than ever. 

It's no longer all "about the Benjamins," it's about creating real change, improving communities and better the lives of all.

Join us in this mission to grow as entrepreneurs and work on healing our planet for future generations to thrive.


George Morris
Coach & Moderator

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Zero Risk Guarantee for 60-Days

After 60-days if you decide this isn't for you, I'll refund your money. I only ask that if you are going to try it, that you commit to a minimum of four meetings during the first 60 days. If you've attend all four meetings and still feel like this isn't a fit, well then I would be happy to refund you fully. 

- George

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