Time to Think Differently About Apple

I think it’s finally time to “Think Different” about Apple. I’ve been an Apple fanboy for nearly 20 years now. During this period I’ve converted countless people away from competing products because I saw the greater vision. The revolutions of the iPod, iPhone, the conversion from the Mac OS to OSX, the move to Intel processors, etc.. In every one of those steps Apple innovated in positive ways towards a grander vision of simplicity, easy of use and beautiful design. They created products that lead the market and caused everyone else to play catch-up. It’s with great sadness that I say this, but Apple isn’t innovative anymore, they aren’t leading the pack, and they now represent the status quo.

The Amazon Echo Dot was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Here is a Siri-like device, for about $50 that would give me greater freedom and control towards automating my home and integrating devices. I can voice control my music, order product, check the weather, etc. Why didn’t Apple do this with the AppleTV? A product that is more capable than the Echo Dot, already in place in millions of homes and has been around for 9 YEARS! Apple was position to capitalize, but instead, they sat by and allowed Samsung, Google, Microsoft and many other players erode their brand by releasing more innovative products.

You could make the argument that this isn’t a new development. You could say that companies have out-innovated Apple for years, but Apple was better at the marketing. That might be true, however, for me, two things kept me loyal. Their ease of integration across all devices and secondly their ease of use. Today, that’s no longer true for me.

The iPhone 7 is not an upgrade over the iPhone 6S, and I’m hard pressed to find a compelling reason as to why I upgraded. In fact, I now have to carry another adapter with me so I can use any headset. The Apple Watch is interesting but not innovative and the recent version 2 finally catches up with Microsofts Watch which had GPS for two years now. Messages on iOS 10 feel like Apple just decided to disband with their design principals and open the door for an Android-like experience by adding visual effects to sending messages. Why do I need to send fireworks as a background to my text messages? Sorry, but I don’t see Steve Jobs allowing that feature to leak thru to the public.

I’d love for someone to change my mind on this. Show me one place where Apple is truly innovating and leading the edge? They’ve become the new IBM, and perhaps that was inevitable.

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