Don’t Prioritize, Deprioritize

If you are like most of us, it’s damn easy to create a to-list. In most cases, that to-do list never stops growing. It simply keeps collecting your undone activities, future tasks, and ticklers to remind yourself of something in the future. Often when a task list gets too large, we start to avoid it. It’s easier to ignore the stress of dealing with organizing that list and prioritizing it.

A useful hack in trimming that ever growing list is to deprioritize items in it. Ask yourself if anything on that list needs to be accomplished in the next week. If not, then move it to the backburner. The remaining items in your list are the things that need your attention. I’d challenge you to continue doing this each week. Look for the items that you keep moving to the backburner then ask yourself “why am I avoiding these to-dos?” In that exercise, I suspect you’ll uncover deeper insights into what you tell yourself you want and what you actually want to accomplish.

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