Reducing Cognitive Load

Network brainMy efficiencies come in waves. Times come when I’m clicking on all cylinders then suddenly I find myself in another epic battle with my inbox and task list. I know I’m not the only one, odds are I’m actually in the majority on this topic seeing that most people loathe their inbox. Yes, there are times I find the Zen of “Inbox Zero” but typically my to-do list pays the price. It seems that I’m always shuffling from the inbox to the to-do list, and those little things keep building up like dust on a shelf.

I’d purpose that this sort of activity is unproductive, unhealthy and very unfulfilling. I view it all as an attempt at clearing the lane in search of the work that lights me up, and releases that creative energy to solve real problems. To get there, the cognitive load of the day’s tasks needs to be swept away to make room for the bigger thinking.

Rather than focusing only on getting better at executing small administrative tasks, I believe the answer is in reducing the amount of commitments in life. Saying no to more things so I can say yes to the bigger things. Certainly this isn’t earthshattering. The doctrine of “less is more” is a well-worn road, but I like the visual of lightening our mental load by removing things that don’t allow us to reach the most optimal creative mindset.

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